Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Let me clarify this...

Our friends Karen and Bob posted this under comments and I realized I may not have been clear about something...This is what Karen wrote:

Our spirits are lifted that you are feeling well, but we are saddened that you need to begin to look elsewhere for your liver. Of course if you do get a liver in San Diego our home is your home and Joe is always welcome to stay with us as long as he would like.

The reason I am going to San Diego is to get evaluated and listed with them as a DUAL LISTING to Loma Linda. I will continue to receive my main care at LLU but have to go through the steps to be listed in the San Diego area as well. I may also go up to the Bay Area and get listed there also but for right now I want to get situated with Scripps in San Diego.

I will have to meet with all the various Dr's and Depts that I did before but they will share medical info and test results etc with LLU.

San Diego has a smaller pool of people on the list so I may have a better chance of getting my liver there.

Either way, if either one calls I can go to that facility. My insurance approves this as well as my Dr's.

and THANK YOU for the offer of opening your home to us.... You may see me for an overnight soon while I get the appt's done! That would give us time to catch up and I could meet your puppies!


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Anonymous said...


Our home is your home anytime and for any length of time. Just call and tell us you are on your way.

We would love to see you, catch up and have you meet Cruz'r and Jake.

Karen and Bob

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