Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
Joe and Nancy Grand Cayman 10-07

Loma Linda Medical Center

Loma Linda Medical Center
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Monday, January 5, 2009

New stuff

I'm at the hospital with Nancy awaiting an ultrasound before the endoscopic procedure. Why another ultrasound, you ask, well during the night Nancy developed a strange, painful swelling on the right side of her incision. It's black and blue and very, very painful. In Nancy's words " it hurts like hell". Morphine didn't touch it and Dalaudin only made a dent. Nobody knows for sure what it is or how it came about. Some suggestions have included a hematoma ( the best guess), infection or dehiscence. All this is complicated by the fact that she will have to lay on this lump during the ercp procedure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe for keeping us up on Nancy. Please keep up the good work. Tell Nancy to just bite the bullet if it hurts. That's what us midwesterners do. hee, hee.

Really, thanks a lot Joe. Keep the faith.
Gloria in Nebraska

BillyBob said...

Ok, well.. we are hoping and praying she can get past this "bump" in her road asap. hang in there,Joe and, bobby

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