Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, health stuff....

Tues was a busy day...My liver had it's 6 month pictures taken.... ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, what I mean by that is it has been 6 months since my hospitalization and my livers first CT scan. They now are going to do 6 month shots to see what it is up to. Should be interesting to find out the results. I see my Transplant Dr...Dr Mendler in a couple of weeks to get those.

I say Dr Lyko, my GP, who I REALLY like who after getting the booby results told me there was a smaller than a pea type thingy under my armpit that he wants biopsied. So they are going to stick a needle in there during another ultrasound and pull out a sample to see what it is. Then I go to the breast clinic to have them tell me what they would like to do about whatever they find. In the mean Dr's had a pow wow and decided that they want to keep me inactive on the list until they figure it all out.

I am fine with all that as I feel really great and I do believe that there are a couple of people in *my group* on the list that have waited longer and are next up for a liver although I would hate to have *mine* go to someone else while I fool around with this.

I do know that someone at LLU was transplanted in the last 2 weeks... I understand that they came into the ER and was immediately transplanted...From what I understand that happens a lot. Makes me wonder why they weren't talking transplant to me 6 months ago when my meld was 37 and they were telling me I might not make it out of the hospital.....hmmmmmmm interesting.

My attitude is good.... I can't wait to get the house projects back so I can put my house back in order as I currently have shit spread all over the place...

I am starting to pick up my cruise business again so most of you should be getting new cruise directories in the mail from me in the next couple of weeks... If you would like to get one just let me know and I will make sure you are on my mailing list...If you get one and don't need it please pass it on to a friend. Thanks... If I can't travel at least I can cruise vicariously...

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