Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Monday, November 3, 2008

on theTransplant list at Scripps in San Diego

I was finally listed at Scripps at the beginning of last week.... YEAH !! and when I was listed I was listed at a MELD score of 21 which at the time in my blood type "B" I was "tied" with one other person in the San Diego area at a meld of 21.

My mom, Mary accompanied me to my listing appointment with coordinator Kara where she went over all the details of what to do while waiting, instructions on when follow up testing and appointments would be, where to go when I was called and what would most likely happen, etc. etc. I was also given a beeper.....Funny, it has been so long since I have seen or used a beeper I had to remember a bit on how to use it! It would only be used if they couldn't reach us by all phones.

I came home and had a cold hit me on Thursday and wasn't feeling to hot....had a bit of when I blew my nose, my lips cracked, a hang nail, and a couple of other things...I notice that since I don't clot well anymore that happens and when it is more frequent and harder to stop I know it is getting worse....It also makes my meld score go up....So I went and had some blood drawn and it went up to 24 !!!

I found out on Friday before halloween weekend....(can you say parties??) so I scurried around to find the coordinators at Scripps and LLU. Most of the Dr's offices close early on folks are hard to get ahold of after about 1pm... But I wanted my new numbers reported to UNOS BEFORE the holiday weekend......It put me in the #1 spot in San Diego and up quite a few notches in LA....

Joe and I were headed to San Diego anyway for a Vet conference so I did throw a few extra things in my suitcase and we were on pins and needles much of the weekend.

BUT, I am still in one of today....

I will stay on the UNOS list at 24 for the next month. So, stay tuned! You will know as soon as I do.....

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