Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
Joe and Nancy Grand Cayman 10-07

Loma Linda Medical Center

Loma Linda Medical Center
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Friday, November 14, 2008


Hello from Montana!

As promised I have finally loaded the pictures from our trip to Vegas where we got to spend time with Nancy and Joe. Doug and I had an opportunity to make a quick trip to Vegas and siezed the moment to coordinate a visit with Nancy and Joe.

It was wonderful to see them both. Especially nice for Doug to spend some time with his sister before surgery. In spite of Nancy saying how her glow was a "liver tan", she looked great! You wouldn't know all of this was going on in the background.... hats off Nancy!

Since it was a quick trip for all, we jammed as much into our visit as possible. Nancy and Joe managed to make money on the slots, where Doug and I just watched it dissappear, one nickle at a time... I guess gambling isn't our forte... We ate great food, saw a show, and ate more food, loved both! Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to do the expected "girls go shopping" thing, but my wallet was safer for it.

Time as always, went by all too fast, before we had to catch our plane, and part ways. We plan to fly down as soon as we get the call, so hopefully we will see each other before Christmas. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures, and notice how both Doug and Nancy have smiling eyes. Happy Fall to all. - Kelly

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Aimee said...

You all look SO beautiful! I'm impressed (and jealous!) Vegas BABY! So glad you all enjoyed yourselves.

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