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Cruisin with the Real"s
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Friday, December 26, 2008

And the Parade Goes By.............

I don't know how many of you grew up watching the Rose Parade on New Years Day but I did every year......and in LA we get to watch it all day long on a loop !!! So Cal people are CRAZY about the Rose Parade in Pasadena ! They work on the floats all year and start decorating them the day after Christmas....Today!

I have always wanted to see the parade live but secretly love watching it on TV with a fire going and in my Jammies. We have gone down several years to see the floats on display the couple of days following the parade and I hope I can talk Joe into taking me this year.

One other thing that I have wanted to do is to help decorate the floats. It takes thousands of volunteers a week of 24/7 shifts in very cold hangars (think, KEEP THE FLOWERS COLD!) snipping, seeding, flowering each flower on all the floats.

When I found our local OPO (organ procurement agency) One Legacy, teams with Donate Life and does a float every year.....well, sounded like something I should do!

Last year I was just about on the list....but had a cold and wasn't feeling well, so 8 hours in a cold hangar didn't sound to smart and well, pretty much out of the question this year.....So, tune in NEXT year.....I will be there for certain!

In the mean time....check out the website, buy a rose for the float or some merchandise, donate some $$$$ and don't forget to register for organ donation if that is your wish while you are there!

PS....The actual photo of a float is the one from 2004 one of my favorites and then there is the artist rendering of this years float. You will have to watch or come to Pasadena to see it....

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Jay said...

Nancy - this is Jay from "What the Doc Didn't Tell Me" - I just received your comment. Congrats!!! I can't believe you're only five or so weeks out and on the Internet. Wow. I need to go back and catch up on your experiences over the past few months. Your blog is one that I found over the past few months while I was searching for others' experiences, trying to find someone who had been through some of the things I had. Your travel stories were a welcome distraction. I'm sorry to hear that you're still on dialysis and hope that your kidneys start behaving themselves soon. Please feel free to add my blog to your list - I'm going to add yours to mine now. (Deliver My Liver is one of my faves!) Best of luck!


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