Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

I forgot to show you *my* bird

Outside my office I have a patio with a open patio cover, fountains, ivy and lots of different bird feeders and neat garden stuff to look at while I work at my desk.

This is a story about *my* bird. We get lots of different birds at the feeders but this one is different.
I first say him last year. He was only around for a couple of days but he was so beautiful and I had never seen one like it. And then he was gone.

Well, he appeared again this year about a month ago and I got very excited! I was determined to find out what he was. I had tried the year before with no luck. He is fairly large. About 6-7 inches long. Very distinct coloring. Dark, coppery brown on his chest with bright yellow on the middle. Black and white wings. I tood the picture through the glass so it isn't that great but trust me. Very pretty. And this year he brought a few friends!!!

I knew he was a male because of his coloring and later I determined that there was a young male. They take 2 years to reach full color and a female and another male. Hard to tell because they didn't all show up at once.

This is what I finally identified him as:
A Black Headed Grosbeak
Click on above if you want more info.

Apparently they migrate through the desert as they were only around for about 4 days.

Such are my exciting days! It's the little things..............................
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