Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Ok, back to medical stuff

During the past couple of months I have had to realize that my energy level is not what it used to be. I pace myself. Sleep when I can. Tell people no when they ask me to do things I think would not be in my best interest. I rarely schedule anything ahead of time except for medical appt's and my weekly support group.

I also have notice a huge change in my internal temp and am ALWAYS cold. It will be 90* and I am under a blankie with a sweater on.

Both things are common to cirrhosis patients. I am grateful that is all I am dealing with as I watch and hear what my friends and fellow transplant patients are going through and there are some very, very rough things that happen to us.

I did have an Endoscopy over a week ago.

One problem that we can get with cirrhosis is that we build up a lot of pressure internally that needs to go somewhere and the weakest place is where it wants to escape which happens to be the veins that surround your Esophagus. They can turn into things called Varicies which is where the blood in the veins is weakening the veins and they are in jeopardy of bursting when you lift or least expect it. Leading to a lot of blood and a very fast trip to the ER to stop it. SOOOO, they like to check every so often by sedating you and sticking a very long thing all the way down into your abdomen to look at everything and take a few photos for prosperity. If while perusing your insides they find some, they *band* them by literally tying them with rubber bands that later dissolve.

MY personal problem with this procedure is that I have had it done twice and both times I was told by the nurses, Dr's and people who had undergone this same procedure that they would give me the nite-nite juice and next thing I knew I would be waking up and it would be over.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, NOT ME !!!!! I have to be different. I feel and remember everything. Try and gag the damn tube up the entire time and have a completely NOT FUN experience. This also happens to me at the dentist.

So, the Dr performing the procedure this time is my Liver Dr., Dr Mendler, who I like and I think listens to me. I explain my previous experiences and tell him if there is anyway possible I would rather not repeat it.

Well, low and behold, HE LISTENS TO ME! I am out for the next 2 days.....LOL But, I still was awake and gagging during the procedure which leads me to my first question for him when I have my appt in 2 weeks. "Do you think that we need to talk to the anesthesiologist about my resistance ?????" Oh, the results....good news is that they are a little bigger than before but not large enough to be put on blood pressure medication or have any banding......

OK, that and I have an annoying bronchial thing that has been hanging around off and on.

I realize that I don't want under any circumstances to have any cooties if they find my liver. I need to be healthy enough to go under the knife and wake up to a body with no immune system, a beautiful new liver and another chance at a long life filled with the people I love.

I need to start being much more careful (read obsessive) about what I touch, keeping my hands and my environment super germ free. So, if you come to visit me and there seems to be extra hand washing and shoes off in the house kind of thing. please understand... I can't see you if you think you might be sick at all or have been around anyone who is...Please help me ....I don't like being like this.

Okay, enough of the yucky stuff.

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