Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
Joe and Nancy Grand Cayman 10-07

Loma Linda Medical Center

Loma Linda Medical Center
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alright, Alright.....Sorry folks for the delay... I am back to continue the story.

Well, I am going to see if I can go back and fill in a few blanks but I guess I should answer the first question which is.................................... IS NANCY ON A SHIP OR ON THE SHORE?

Unfortunately, I am home. Not that I didn't stay without some kicking and screaming... (Well, more like trying anything I could to go). It didn't work.

On Monday they said have a good vacation, then got some test results back and called to put the brakes on Tuesday afternoon as I was making final arrangement and packing to leave bright and early Thanksgiving morning. Just NOT FAIR!

First they said they were afraid I would fall into a coma on some 3rd world island. Don't they know there are airports on every island and planes to Miami or Texas? BTW, they have said that every day since I was in the hospital 3 months ago...........

Then they said...and this makes more sense...... That looking at my blood results from Monday, my meld score was still at 24. (remember the meld score stands for mortality end stage liver disease....the scale goes from 6 being not good to 40.....well, REALLY not good) over 20 is a very, very scary number. They don't know why I am up walking around....

They said........that they wanted me on the list as soon as possible and needed my body here to keep going through the testing processes, etc so that could happen.

Just a brief overview of the last month..... I saw Dr Mendler and the Transplant team for the first time one month ago tomorrow. Since then I have had over 20 appointments and procedures. That is 20 times in 30 days excluding weekend and holidays....and I am not done yet. Keeps one busy....

My pulmonary function tests and echo cardiogram showed more problems. If my lungs and heart aren't functioning properly it could keep me off the list permanently as I wouldn't make it through the surgery.

So they want to look into them more thoroughly... Hence more procedures....

My appt coordinator....yes, Marielena controls my calendar now... she makes all my appt's for me. My own personal assistant. My time is hers to plan.....Started booking things for me the next day.

On Wed I am back at the hospital going from place to place then I stopped by the transplant office and tried to explain that the reason that I wanted to go so badly and had hung on to this trip is NOT because I needed another vacation or that I WANTED to go on a cruise....(which they see as one big party and a big reason to drink) but that I had no idea what the future was going to hold for me and my family and I just wanted to spend some time with them, swimming in the warm blue waters, snorkeling, exploring new places, laughing and enjoying each other before whatever shit is going to hit the fan does........IT WASN'T THE VACATION....IT WAS THE TIME I WANTED.............................................

Okay, so we had some decisions to make regarding the cruises, yes 2, back to back that we were scheduled to leave on day after *tomorrow*. We went through a huge array of emotions and the decisions went all over the map. In the end I really wanted the boys to go and get away from all of this and spend some father, son time sense in wasting the cruise and I felt that I would be fine here. They were only a flight away if I needed them.

So, I helped them pack....rearranged a few schedules. Made sure all the t's were crossed and the i's dotted and we got up at 4:30 am thanksgiving morning and I drove them to the airport. We cried, I kissed them and said Bon Voyage......................................

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Kim said...

WEll damn it I'm crying for you. I had truly hoped that no update on blog meant Nancy was crusin' - fuck it anyhow!

But considering this could have kept you off the list for not listening to the Dr's then I know Ms. Nancy will get her new liver and will be crusin' again before we know it - you have to, it would just not be fair to have missed this time with family for naught!

Hugs and Kisses to you Nancy!

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