Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

What now? Between then and Monday

Well, we officially started on the roller coaster ride of trying to gather good information to see what might be in our future and my emotional ride of would I live or die and how could I steer towards the path of life most effectively.

Do I work like hell to try and save the liver I have while all the time I could risk my other organs not holding up from the pressure and therefore not be eligible for a transplant OR do I pursue a path of transplant and the scary notion of someone ripping a hugely essential organ out of your body and replacing it with a strangers and hoping (crossing fingers and lots of praying) that everything will work according to plan.

Personally, I like my own liver, thank you very much, and really would like to keep the organs God gave me working.

In researching options including transplants with the help of my WONDERFUL FRIEND, MICHELLE, a very talented and knowledgeable nurse. I learned that getting a new liver was NOT an easy process. Not everyone qualified to be on the list and then you have to wait for a liver that is meant just for you. (You will be hearing from Michelle...she will also be posting here as well as Joe and my mom, Mary.....Joey may jump in as well)

My Dr at the time was monitoring me closely and was not talking transplant to much and would steer me towards giving it more time to heal.

Not getting many answers or a path to follow was really driving me crazy. Give me a goal and a way to get there....well, THAT I can follow and do something about. This vague direction was frustrating at best. Which by the way is one reason why I really couldn't answer your wonderful phone calls and e-mails....I didn't have much to report. Well, that all ended when Dr Runyon told me on my last visit that it was time to have a meeting with the transplant team for an evaluation.

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