Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
Joe and Nancy Grand Cayman 10-07

Loma Linda Medical Center

Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

enough medical stuff for now

During the last couple of months we did have a few short cruises booked so we decided to see how I would do since we were close to home. I did take it easy, we had fun and to follow Dr's orders it was easy to eat several times a day. The point of this is not to gain weight but to provide my body with enough incoming fuel so that it doesn't have to break down fat cells to get energy which could be extremely harmful to me. It is great to have healthy (and not so healthy) food available and made just for you 24/7!

After a couple of local cruises, one with some of our best friends, Tom and Kim, we went on a one night *party in the pacific* on the brand new NCL Pearl. What fun. 2 weeks later Joe and I boarded her again in Miami for my annual Travel Agent Conference for a week. We also sailed with some good friends that we met on a previous cruise up the coast and some friends I met in FL at my training in June.(that is where the Grand Cayman photo came from). They had a run, run, run schedule from dawn until late. I went to about 1/2 of the meetings and events and spent some time enjoying the ship, the sun and my husband. Time is short, have fun...Although, no disco for me and we were in bed by 11 most nights.

Some weird observations by me....I have lost quite a bit of weight, look very tan, (even though I haven't spent much time in the sun) and feel quite good. My local friends keep telling me how good I look and I thank them and think to myself...How can that be when my Dr's keep telling me how sick I am and am worried I could fall into a coma.....?????

I go through things in my mind I just enjoy every moment, every ray of sunshine, hug and play with my puppies and spend all the time I can with my loved ones? OR Do I sort the mail, pay the bills, book my clients cruises, do laundry, run errands.... Will this be my last Christmas or will I live to a ripe old age...?????

One other comment. If I had the big *C* there would be information, support groups, books, websites and all kinds of stuff on what to do, eat, etc.....etc...

Just try and look for information regarding Liver Failure. There isn't much.......takes a lot of digging.

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