Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
Joe and Nancy Grand Cayman 10-07

Loma Linda Medical Center

Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's give this a try!

As most of you know I was had a nice hospital stay of almost 3 weeks at the end of August. I got there via the ER and Joe after being a pretty sick puppy off and on for about a year. It was my liver. I knew that but didn't really know or want to know how bad off I really was. I was trying to be strong and thinking I would get better after stopping all alcohol in May and trying to eat healthy and get enough rest, etc. but my body still wasn't a happy camper.

When I was finally admitted after much poking and prodding the nice Dr's at Loma Linda Medical Center told me that basically my liver wasn't functioning AT ALL. My lungs were not working to capacity, my hearth had a leaky heart valve, I had a huge build up of fluid, (ascites) not much in my abdomen but my legs and feet were HUGE. When they put me in bed for several days it all moved to my rear....boy, that was attractive!

Also, my blood clotting factors were very low, as well as my hemoglobin, which let to a blood transfusion. (it is still very low)

I had all kinds of Dr's visiting, lots and lots of tests, etc. Finally my liver specialist came in one sunny afternoon. I was all alone and he proceeded to tell me that I had over a 50% chance of not leaving the hospital alive.... WHAT ???????? OMG.... That is something you never want to hear and here I was alone. He delivered the news and left.... (I have a new Dr now).

There is a term we will talk about a lot which is my MELD score. It is the Model for End Stage Liver Disease. it is a numerical score that they get by calculating your Creatinine, (kidney function), INR (blood clotting factor) and Bilirubin, (liver, bile function).

6 Is less ill
40 is gravely ill

My score upon admittance to the hospital was 37.

Now it is hanging around 27 which is still way to high and it is staying there.

To end this post since my release I have felt increasingly better. I actually *feel* great even though my Dr's don't know why. They say I should be much sicker than I am. My kidneys are FINE and that is what is saving my life right now.

I have had a myriad of Dr's appts, and labs. Joe and I have been researching like crazy, I am trying to rest and listen to my body. Stress and getting overtired could be very bad for me right now. Also not eating....THEY WANT ME EATING ANYTHING I WANT AND ALOT OF IT! First time for that. I am trying to be very positive and have fit a few short cruises with the love of my life in.... Part 2 in a minute..... I need to pee...(diuretics are such fun!)


Anonymous said...

Nancy what a great update and what a fabulous way to keep all of us informed. You are such a wonderful and important person to many of us and so the phone calls and questions must at times be overwhelming. My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family as you go through this journey. Did my friend Marie get in touch with you and share her liver transplant (s) experience and thoughts? She is a wealth of information and like you, a great role model for living life to the fullest! Take care my friend, I am still chuckling over our slide expierence on the Pearl ( and waiting for the photos to come),
Love you, Jan

Anonymous said...

Nancy, This is a wonderful blob and written up very well to keep us all informed. We are so sorry to hear about your problem. Please know that our prayers are with you. We will be checking in to hear how you are doing. Sure glad you've had a couple fun cruises recently.
Keep us all posted.
Marilyn & Noel

Anonymous said...

Nancy. You know we wonder all the time on CC how you are doing and am so glad you started this blog so you can keep us updated.
This blog is going to be your success story and you have alot of friends on CC who will take this journey right along side of you.
Take care. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Joe.
Laura (Az Ocean Sky Breeze)

Adam said...


My prayers are with you...

If you need any help regarding your leaky heart valve let me know. I had double heart valve replacement surgery due to aortic stenosis and regurgitation (leaky heart valves).


Leaky Heart Valve

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