Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, today was interesting!

As you can gather from Joe's post today we went to a very *interesting* talk given by my nurse practitioner. She has worked as part of the Transplant Team for 10 years and prior to this was on the Transplant ICU and recovery floors for 8 years. She is very knowledgeable and told us all kinds of interesting stuff with graphs and PICTURES! Well, pictures and stories can be interesting for most people until you are looking at them and seeing what they are going to do to YOU when they open you up..

Actually the information, yes, all of it...was very educational and she explained everything very well. We talked about the surgery itself, what to expect in ICU, recovery and beyond. Then she talked a lot about the drug therapy that Joe described.

The good news is that my mom is here. She along with Joe and Michelle will be my caregivers post surgery and that is a very big job! Mary will actually be my day to day main caregiver as Joe and Michelle will not be able to be at my side 24/7 like I will need at first. It was so wonderful to have her go to this talk with us and she will be with us tomorrow for our meeting with the social worker who has many jobs but mainly he needs to determine if my support network is defined and strong enough to get me through this. That I am strong enough emotionally. That he is satisfied that I will 100% respect the gift of a new organ that a donor family has selflessly offered, which means taking care of myself. So, we do that tomorrow....

By the way, several people have assumed that I am already *on the list* I am NOT *on the list* yet. What we are doing now is going through all the jumps, leaps and hoops with physical, emotional, financial, etc testing...after I have completed all of the things I need to do....THEN, all these various people get together and my case goes before a committee to decide if I get on the list or not...It will be in there hands to see if I am a good candidate to receive a donor liver. There aren't many organs out there and they do not take the decision on who even has a chance at getting one lightly.

So, NO, I am not on the list YET, but am working towards that goal.

Okay, enough for now except to say.....A HUGE HUG AND GIANT THANK YOU for caring enough to follow along and especially for the e-mails and comments here...I read them all and everyone warms my heart...Keep them coming along with the prayers...

I will have more to say tomorrow about something we are excited about that has nothing to do with this!

Good night, snuggle in and tell someone you love them,

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