Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Last minute thought

As I take my night time meds. As I check the refridgerator to make sure there are some *ensure* drinks in there to get cold I reflect to a time not to long ago when I would make protein drinks and watch my carbs and fats and now I drink Ensure 2-3 times daily (god, that makes me feel ancient or really ill although they don't taste to bad anymore!) And I make *green drinks* in the morning. Now, I eat whole grain carbs and good fats, and keep my protein low...

When I chart my morning weight it is not to see if the scale is dropping but hoping it stays the same or goes up a bit...

Life is funny. At least I am good at label reading and food logging!


Aimee said...

Its funny how life changes. I can remember a time when I would freak out about gaining 2 lbs. Now I have a doctor telling me to eat as much as I can whenever I can! Those livers will mess with ya! :)

sherri froc said...

Hello Nancy

Sorry I haven't replied to your blog and the posts. I didn't think it was the kind of thing I could just pop off an email in response to with out considering what to say.

Thoguh I'm still not sure how to respond!

#1 - Come to Canada for your meds ( $$$ are way better here...I'm not sure how to check, but maybe start by calling our local Costco 604 850 3458 pharmacy)

#2 I used to be a Nuclear Medicine Technologist and realized that you had major liver problems on the cruise, but admired/respected your position on NOT letting it get in the way of meeting new people & having fun! Living life!

#3 You are so cool! And yes, sorry to beat this one up but the "congratulations" are in order, for doing what you know is possible to improve and keep your life! So many people REALLY would have let this get 'em down & never gotten up again. I realize that that IS a healthy part of the process, to just have a (healthy) period of time where you mourn the more carefree life and body you used to have.

#4 Cool that you get to eat lots! The body IS an amazing thing, eh? Even as your liver winds down, the rest can compensate somehow!

We're all doing ok here, just busy yellin' at teh kids & making suppers and working for our paychecks!


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