Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thanksgiving Nancy throws herself one hell of a pity party!

Yes, it was official. My boys are on the plane on the way to Florida, my cruise critic freaks....(oh, I mean friends) Well, cruising fanatic friends is nicer of which I am a proud member...... and one of my favorite ships afloat the RADIANCE OF THE SEAS.....

I, on the other hand was eating a ciabatta sandwich on my way back up the hill home to spend Thanksgiving alone..... (I told you it was a pity can say.....*oh, poor thing* now)

Actually it wasn't that bad. I felt good about our decision and was happy that at least they were going to get to go and spend time together and I would just live vicariously through them. They promised to keep a journal and take tons of pictures for me.

I did stay home, took a nap with my puppies, watched movies, played around online, thought about writing in the blog.......and ate a Turkey Pot Pie and a baked yam for my dinner....

For my pity party my friends Dave and Aimee.....who was close to celebrating her one month anniversary with her new liver in Texas......generously loaned me some streamers and confetti from the pity parties that they had held over the past few months....... Thank You Dave and Aimee! Btw, Aimee is doing extremely well and will be able to leave Texas to be reunited with her kids and family soon......YEAH, AIMEE!

I made it through Thanksgiving and learned that Mary, just getting off a cruise ship herself, on Saturday would be coming as soon as she could to stay with me, help me and keep me company while the fam was gone. I need to take and post a photo of her and I so you can see my wonderful mother!

I am off to bed now and will try and post some more tomorrow. Oh, I had an angiogram scheduled for Monday which got cancelled. I will cut and paste what Mary wrote as to what happened Monday....

Tomorrow I have another Lung study, a meeting with my social worker, Ben and an ultrasound.

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