Cruisin with the Real"s

Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feeling GREAT..

Well, it has ben a few days since I posted but that is because I have been feeling great and getting a lot done. The last 3 nights I have also gotten very good sleep. Only up about 3-4 times.

I have been having a LOT of trouble sleeping for quite a while....Maybe a year. Terrible night sweats which leave me and the sheets yucky wet. I try and change into dry night clothes several times during the night to stay dry and the diruetics of course keep me very busy with runny to the potty every hour or so...add in a bit of worry about whatever my nighttime brain decides to focus on that night makes for a rough night. Which is why if anyone tries to reach me in the morning...well, I might be sleeping because I seem to be able to catch a couple of good hours after the sun starts up...and sleep is important for don't be calling me LAZY....I am trying to heal....

I had my OB check my hormones to find out if the Big M has decided this is a good time to show up...or it is just my liver that is causing the night sweats.

Anyway, back to I FEEL GREAT! I really, I have been running errands, shopping, cooking, LOTS of Alaska cruises for people for next summer. Joe and I are spending the weekend together and will be packing up the pool furniture for the weekend...and bringing up the Xmas boxes....Well, Joe will be doing most of that as I am not supposed to lift over 25#....makes me laugh when I think how much weight I used to push/lift in a day at the gym. I think on one of our charity lifting events for special olymics I pushed/lifted over 85,000 POUNDS in about 4 hours....Sounds crazy but the figure is correct...

We are also planning to take one last trip before I can't travel so I think I will talk about that tomorrow...

Also have a plethora of appt's next week. Trying to get it all done before we leave.

If you look at the comments we got one from the infamous Aimee last night! She is doing well and makes huge progress now everyday! Go Aimee!

I am turning in now....Have a great weekend everyone. Let's get ready to really enjoy our friends and family during the holidays, the change of seasons, the sights the smells and have fun decking the halls!

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Kim said...

Nancy I don't do a lot of checking on my old email address anymore - india19956, but something lead me there the other day and I saw this email from you leading to your blog and also how strange is it that literally yesterday I came across that certificate from Lift for Kids! and here you are mentioning the exact same thing - I had so much fun that weekend with you and Joe, Amy and Joey - my gosh I think that was also the first time I'd flown since I was a little kid - I know it was certainly my first trip to California.

I've been reading thru you blog since I found it and Nancy I don't even know what to say other than I am saddened you and Joe are having to go through this ordeal - what a roller coaster ride this has been for you two and your son.

I wont' say congrats on being accepted as a donor recipient, that does seem kind of odd as you say - but thank goodness you were choosen - I'm sure that too was a tough decision to make.

I can only offer my prayers and support to the Real Family as they get ready to go down this path. I will continue to check in on your blog for updates.

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