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Cruisin with the Real"s
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Loma Linda Medical Center
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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

One of the weird things that are bugging me

Ok, This just seems odd to me. I haven't mentioned that I am headed towards an organ transplant to many people...Well, except those of you reading this. Not something you just bring up at a cocktail party....LOL, maybe a good place to do so...BUT, more than once when I have mentioned it the response that I get is
... Well, I don't know about you but it just always makes me want to whip my head around and say
. I mean, yes, I do feel blessed that I have a chance to have a much longer life by having a transplant than without. I feel grateful that the Dr's, medicine, and the donors make it possible for me to get a new liver and I have great hope that it will save my life.

Now, having said that....after all the things I have gone through and looking forward to what it will take to make this all happen.......I am not sure that when someone says to you. *By the way, I got hit by a truck last week and I am about to have it run back and forth over me a bit before almost killing is going to be a pretty bumpy ride, but the chances are good I will make through alive.*

That the comment *CONGRATULATIONS* is the appropriate sentiment.?????????????

To me you tell someone congratulations, like when the say, I just got a promotion, we are having a baby, she said *yes*.....etc.....but not when someone says *hey, I just found out they are going to rip one the most important organs in my body out and replace it with another one and hope it works.....??*

Oh, well, got that off my chest now......this is a place or my emotions as well. I need to get them off my chest somewhere so this is a good a place as any...

Till later,
Happy Nancy


Dave said...

WOW, you really hit a nail on the head there. I have been trying to grip that one also. I have had LOTS of people say lots of things that is very close to that. I know that they mean, "Congratulations that there is a way for you to live longer and beat this", but they say it just "congrats" and you are wondering, did you really hear me when I said my wife could die in two months (or your case would be "I could..")?

I guess it goes to what you are focused on! Wait, did i just connect your two posts together. Crap, I might have learned something about meaning and stuff in school all of those years ago!

Keep your chin up and focus on the possibility of many cruises with your family and all of those sunsets and sunrises that you have yet to enjoy!

BillyBob said...

I also have a huge problem being told that. And this one" but you look so good".

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